Thor Vehicle Mount Computer

The Thor VM1 utilizes the latest technology in vehicle-mount computers. It is built to function in the roughest of conditions while providing the flexibility you need. New innovations include ignition control, the quick mount smart dock and field-replaceable front panel.

Ignition Control

The VM1 combines computing power with features optimized for a demanding environment, like ignition control. In the past, a user would start up the forklift, then start up the computer. With ignition control, turn the key and the Thor starts up as well, saving valuable time.

But the real value of ignition control comes when you turn the forklift off. You may want to shut the unit down or let it sleep when you turn the key. Or, you may want to keep it powered up with the 30-minute backup battery. That could deliver a minute or two several times a day.

Quick Mount Smart Dock

Let’s take the example of a warehouse with 100 forklifts, and at any given time, 75 are on the floor working. What happens to a computer mounted on one of those other 25 forklifts? In the past, it sat idle until that forklift was put back into use. That all changes with the Thor VM1 vehicle-mount computer and its quick mount smart dock.

The quick mount smart dock gives you options:

  • IT can detach one of the 25 idle units and walk it back to a carpeted area for software updates.
  • The user can pop the VM1 off a down forklift and onto one ready to run–no downtime.
  • The enterprise could buy 100 mounts and just 75 computers, and have the units mounted only to those vehicles in use at a given time.

The quick mount smart dock gives you the power to configure your mobile computing solution to fit your process, not the other way around.

Field-Replaceable Front Panel

The field-replaceable front panel creates an opportunity as it solves an age old problem. When subjected to shift-after-shift abuse, screens and keyboards break, even in the most rugged device. Now you can swap out the field-replaceable front panel in minutes without compromising the IP 66 sealing.

This modular design provides flexibility far beyond maintenance. A front panel can be changed to one with a defroster for cold storage applications, or reconfigured with a 12-key layout, without having to buy an entirely new computer.

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