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Featured Testimonials

IntegraServ has proven to be the right choice for both our equipment needs and for service. Every printer comes configured for our specific application so we can use it right away. Maintenance is outstanding. These guys really understand how important this equipment is to our business and are extremely responsive when we need help. High tech company with solid old fashioned values. I continue to be pleased and impressed!


Ben, Director of IT Operations

IntegraServ handles all the maintenance on the printers, flatbed scanners, and some copiers, in our facility. We have also purchased printers, scanners, copiers, and printer supplies through them, including ink cartridges and ribbons. We have been an IntegraServ customer since 1993, and we have had excellent service ever since.The number one reason we selected IntegraServ to handle our printer maintenance was because of their genuine commitment to helping resolve any printing problem that may be encountered. This has proven true over the years. No matter what the problem, they spend time helping us work through the problem until a resolution is reached, regardless of whether the problem is theirs or not. You can’t say this for many companies at all!

IntegraServ has taken the time to understand our business, and realizes the importance of having our equipment up and running at all times; so they have always been very prompt in arriving onsite to address the problem. Many times we have been able to call and get info over the phone to help in diagnosing the problem. They are always very helpful!

When new printers or other equipment is purchased, they come in, set it up, and make sure there are no problems from the beginning. With scanners and other equipment, they provide any help we need in getting it up and running. They also understand that we are price conscious, so they work with us to get the best possible pricing on equipment, supplies, and maintenance.

I just can’t say enough about IntegraServ! I feel they have a real dedication to supplying the best equipment and service, and they have stood by this in all the years we have dealt with them!


Debbie, IT Manager

Service: IntegraServ is by far one of the most dependable companies I have ever worked with. My company owns facilities in 43 states plus the corporate office. It would be impossible for us to operate without the help of a reputable company, IntegraServ, to assist in the repair of our printers.

Willingness: IntegraServ is always willing to dispatch a technician upon our request. We have a great working relationship and it is known that when we call, there is an issue that needs immediate attention. Our operation requires accessible printers 7 X 24.

Promptness: IntegraServ has a great helpdesk who respond immediately upon receiving a request either by phone, email or web. Their helpdesk immediately takes the necessary steps to get the print problem resolved. They know their customers needs and meet their expectations. In many cases they are on site the same day if the call is placed early. If placed later in the day, a next day arrival is met.

Price: IntegraServ has very competitive pricing. I have been with IntegraServ for many years and considering the pricing they give to my company, I always feel like we are getting our money’s worth. I have a few laser printers that are not on contract. I use IntegraServ on a time and material basis for these and have never felt over charged.

Professionalism: The helpdesk and technicians are very professional. We communicate with them in the same way we do our own people. They can give you the comfort of family and at the same time handle themselves in a very professional manner.

To sum everything up regarding IntegraServ, I have never had any desire to look for another company to take care of our printer maintenance.


Gary, Senior Manager, IT