100% Scannability, 100% of the time.

The Printronix T5000r Thermal Barcode printer with Online Data Validation stops unscannable barcodes at the source, eliminating compliance fines and lost productivity. ODV provides barcode analysis validation for every label as it is printed.

It works by analyzing each barcode command in the print file. As each label is printed, the optimal laser scanning system evaluates the barcode image and tests it in real time. If a barcode is unscannable, the printer immediately stops and prints an overstrike pattern on the bad label, rendering it unusable. The label is then reprinted and the job continues.

The T5000r with ODV installs quickly and easily. It can be stationary or mobile, operational anywhere to optimize your workflow.

Find out how much you could be saving by using the ODV ROI calculator! It’s easy, fast and requires minimum data to see your personalized savings.

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