About Us

IntegraServ is a value added reseller and service provider of RFID, barcode and data collection equipment, and many types of business computer printers.

Incorporated in 1993, IntegraServ started with five locations in the southeast, providing quality products, service, and consumables. Today we offer industry solutions across North America. Our growth is based on the strong commitment we have to serving people rather than just equipment. Many of our customers express a sense of “family” in dealing with us. Our professional and personal values often blend as we work together to achieve your productivity goals, rather than our sales goals.

We utilize our vast experience and knowledge of business applications, printer hardware, quality and service, in the selection process of the manufacturers we represent. This insures you the most reliable and dependable products available. We act as your consultant, providing you application expertise, cost analysis, hardware comparison, and service after the sale.

It’s a philosophy that leads to the kind of organization with integrity to serve your needs. Which is how we live up to your expectations, and our very name. IntegraServ.

Our Philosophy

Most technology companies are in business to sell loads of equipment and attach profitable services. But is that the kind of approach that helps companies like yours really improve?

Not at all. Because the commodity-selling approach overlooks the real purpose of technology. To serve you right, you need the right combination at the right time in the right place. It takes a complete solutions approach with a keen understanding and interest – not just in the products and services – but in the people who use them.

That’s where insights happen, value is identified, and new ways of achieving are born.